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aimée louise hosts a small number of botanical drawing + wreath making workshops in her studio + garden.

~ up to 4 guests can be accommodated ~

~ larger groups can be catered for at another location ~

please do get in touch to book or enquire at


 ~ you will learn:


how to draw seasonal blooms from still life using various techniques using dip pen + coloured inks + finish the session with your very own set of botanical greeting cards to take home.

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floral hoop making has been a tradition for centuries across the world ~ not just for Christmas!

~ Spring + Summer hoops symbolise:

new life + growth

~ Autumn + Winter hoops symbolise:

the changing of the season, gratitude for the harvest + the circle of life


~ you will learn:


a number of techniques to create a natural seasonal floral hoop which will include some locally foraged materials + learn how to create a dramatic display to hang in your home for years to come.

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