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The changing of the seasons establishes Aimée’s process, each holding their own theme.

In the Spring and Summer months, she documents her own and local gardens by the way of photography, sketching and painting. This is also the time of the year she starts to dry flowers and grasses from her garden. 


Artist Aimée Louise, is an artist based in Deal, who embraces natural forms and landscapes. 

Starting out as a set and costume designer for stage and screen, she has gone back to her passion of drawing worlds and reflections on paper. 

Particularly enchanted by her surrounding costal terrain - which she rambles through with her dog Wilfred - she cherishes peaceful moments in the botanical world which one can easily overlook. The gentle swaying of grasses, a path of bright dandelions on a bizarrely misty day in Spring, a canopy of moss hanging from damp and tangled branches. 

Untitled_Artwork 97_edited.png

In the Autumn and Winter months, her focus shifts slightly to the darker skies and the rising of the moon over the sea. Seed heads and other botanical flora are collected and dried after which they become specimens to study and draw from in the comfort of the studio - which becomes a temporary floral mess with the making of wreaths and garlands to be sold through Christmas. 

Untitled_Artwork 78_edited.png

These recordings and botanic articles become a visual anthology of which Aimée produces a catalogue of work from twice a year - in Spring and in Autumn. 

Her sea and moonscapes are largely painted in oils and hold a dreamlike essence. Her botanical works are fine line ink and dip pen studies, detailing the often twisted, preserved structures of the once living blooms.

Alongside her original works, Aimée produces a small run of economical Limited Edition prints and hand drawn cards both of which are signed and is presently working on larger scale pieces.

PXL_20220119_181619481 (1).jpg
watercolour floral study.jpeg
Untitled_Artwork 74.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 72.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 73.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 78.png

Currently Aimée is working through her collection of papers and old canvases for original works, using what is at hand in the studio. 


Limited Edition prints are made on hahnemuhle paper, printed and framed locally. 


Cards are all made from recycled paper which is acid and lignin free.


Aimée progressively works to source appropriate natural materials + mediums.


All orders are packed with recycled material from the studio or reused from deliveries to the studio.  

Untitled_Artwork 78.png
Leeks gone to seed the three_edited.jpg

' luminescence ' no.i ~ oil on canvas,

photographed in situ in client's home

detail of ' asters at midday ', no.ii, 

sketch in ink on re-cycled parchment packaging

' leeks gone to seed ' ,

original fine line ink pen drawings no.s iv, v, vi,


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