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artwork + botanical creations,
observing + celebrating natural forms, habitats + landscapes,
by artist aimée louise.

working through the seasons, aimée louise creates two catalogues a year which she releases in Autumn + Spring documenting her work from the Summer + Winter months, making hand drawn cards + floral hoops along the way as part of her creative process.


Pressed Daffy card 4.jpeg
Untitled_Artwork 127.png
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aimée louise likes to work through the seasons, exploring her surrounding landscape + draw inspiration from the ever changing skies + her little cottage garden.

each season she gathers her scribbles, mini paintings, detailed inks + shares them with her subscribers before they are available to purchase in her shop.

aimée louise is currently working on larger panel pieces, which will be available in her AUTUMN EQUINOX catalogue on the 23rd September ... 

Untitled_Artwork 78_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork 92_edited.png

aimée louise produces small runs of LIMITED EDITION prints from her fine-line ink pen botanical drawings + selected landscapes.  

currently all prints are a limited edition of 25 + printed on archival paper.


LEprint Frit _edited_edited_edited_edite
Untitled_Artwork 78.png
Untitled_Artwork 78_edited.png

a collaboration with BARKENED. together aimée louise + emma designed the cosiest blanket to snuggle up with, inspired by their love for their dogs + walking together around their hometown in Deal, Kent. 

named 'THESE ARE A FEW OF OUR FAVOURITE THINGS', the blanket is made from 100% recycled cotton + woven in Lancashire with a hand finished stitched edge.

a super soft touch with a bold + fun design, it's perfect for children / dog blankets, to enjoy at home, take out + about on walks or those lazy beach days.

Untitled_Artwork 91_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork 90_edited.png

all cards are currently hand drawn by aimée louise using dip pen + coloured inks.

why not frame these original drawings, all unique + signed.

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Untitled_Artwork 87_edited.png

aimée louise makes a small amount of everlasting floral hoops + Christmas wreaths. 

made from seasonally gathered florals + grasses, she collects a small proportion from her surrounding habitat + buys a little from suppliers in the UK / Europe or from local gardeners - all are dried at home.

all 'KEEP 'EM UP' hoops are made from hedgerow - reclaimed from local garden waste.

Untitled_Artwork 78_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork 7_edited.png

join aimée louise in her studio / garden where she holds both botanical illustration workshops + seasonal floral hoop making.

currently only taking private bookings
~ click below to enquire.


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