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a dialogue between two artists - part .i

Wednesday March 17th 2021,

2pm GMT - Deal, Kent - UK | 10am EST - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

A collaboration I am very excited about - not only because it's refreshing to get outside of my head - after a lot of time in each other's company (!) - but also because it's a chance to connect to my dear friend and accomplished textile designer - @georgiadorey - who now lives between the UK + USA.

After years of friendship + working together in a salvage yard in South East London, we both took our separate paths. Georgia had adventures in Japan, now in the US + I moved out of London to Deal, a costal town in Kent, South East England. We thought collaborating on a project would be an inspiring way of keeping in touch + sharing our own experiences of our new lives through the seasons.

The botanical world is hugely significant in both of our practises + has become our communion between the waves that part us. The concept of documenting a moment that somehow reflected the natural word - within our own surroundings - at the same time + share that content with one another, seemed like an uplifting way to bind our worlds together + form - a dialogue between two artists.

Throughout our journey we will use online sketchbooks + document our responses to one another's habitats, which will in turn grow into an engaging body of work that we will jointly exhibit.

'hello friend' - Georgia at the Botanical gardens, Miami Beach, Florida


So, on March 17th 2021 at 2 o'clock pm, UK | 10am USA, Georgia and I both recorded a two minute video in our first location - which was solely considered this time round. We also, without planning to, both gathered other footage + photographs of our wanderings which we have decided to share in real time within our journals.

As the rain came down + clouds set in, Wilfred - my shadow dog - joined me walking to some nearby fields, now slippery with mud, to gather some content for Georgia. A peaceful area near me that I only discovered in the last year, where we spent many hours listening to birdsong and eating snacks, a welcome break from our usual but equally as tranquil costal walks. A little disappointed with the murky colour scheme + lack of sunshine, I was pleasantly surprised by the typically English Spring weather, when the sun appeared bringing sparkles to the showered foliage around me. The birdsong muffled the raindrop patter + the clouds scattered in the now luminous blue sky...

On our way through the mud to open fields and streams, under a moody grey sky to our recording spot where Wilfred + I often sit. The stream bends + the water is soothing, a field of teasels dance in the wind.

Foliage sparkled as the sunshine appeared. I came across a hidden pool where the reeds gently swayed + the water mirrored the clearing sky.

The end of our journey, a completely contrasting habitat from when we set out. I very nearly filmed in the comfort of my garden as the rain hammered down, but so happy I didn't.

In my next post from a dialogue between two artists, I will share my initial + ongoing scribbles in response to Georgia's recordings.

Do follow us along if you wish - you can follow Georgia here.

~ aimée


A snippet from one another's videos:


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