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seasonal work

i like to work through the seasons, explore my surrounding seascape + draw inspiration from the ever changing skies + my little cottage garden.

each season, i gather my scribbles, mini paintings + detailed inks + share them with my subscribers before they are available to purchase in my shop.

i am currently working on larger panel pieces, which will be available in my SUMMER EQUINOX catalogue on the 21st June ... 

limited edition prints

i produce small runs of LIMITED EDITION prints from my fine-line ink pen botanical drawings + selected seascapes.  

as it stands, all now are currently an edition of 25 + printed on archival paper.


LEprint Frit _edited_edited.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 66.jpg


take a look at my first collaboration with BARKENED.we designed the cosiest blanket to snuggle up with, inspired by our love for our dogs + walking together around our hometown in Deal, Kent. named 'THESE ARE A FEW OF OUR FAVOURITE THINGS', the blanket is made from 100% recycled cotton + woven in Lancashire with a hand finished stitched edge. a super soft touch with a bold + fun design, it's perfect for children / dog blankets, to enjoy at home, take out + about on walks or those lazy beach days.

hand drawn cards

i am currently hand drawing all my cards using dip ink pen + coloured inks.frame them for affordable, original drawings, all unique + signed.~ FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.


floral hoops

i make a small amount of everlasting floral hoops + Christmas wreaths. made from seasonally gathered florals + grasses, i collect a small proportion from my surrounding habitat + i buy some from suppliers in the UK / Europe or from local gardeners - all are dried at home. all my 'KEEP 'EM UP' hoops are made from hedgerow - reclaimed from local garden waste.